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Kis Hudh Tak...: A Rape Revenge Thriller That Deserves More Attention - Film Companion

Kis Hudh Tak... Hindi Dubbed Mp4: A Thrilling Movie You Should Watch

If you are looking for a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then you should check out Kis Hudh Tak..., a Hindi thriller film that was released in 2010. This movie tells the story of a young woman who fights for justice after being raped by a rich and powerful man who escapes punishment. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this movie, including its plot, cast, reviews, ratings, download options, and alternatives. Read on to find out why Kis Hudh Tak... is a movie you should watch.

Kis Hudh Tak... Hindi Dubbed Mp4

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The Plot of Kis Hudh Tak...

The movie revolves around Dia (Shital Shah), a law student who meets Sharad (Pawan Sharma), a spoilt brat who belongs to a wealthy and influential family. Dia falls in love with Sharad, but he only sees her as an object of his lust. One night, he takes her to his farmhouse and rapes her brutally. Dia goes to the police and files a case against Sharad, but he uses his money and connections to manipulate the evidence and witnesses. He also threatens Dia and her family with dire consequences if she does not withdraw the case.

Dia is determined to get justice, but she faces many obstacles and challenges along the way. She is betrayed by some of her friends, harassed by Sharad's goons, and humiliated by the media. She also has to deal with the trauma and stigma of being a rape survivor. She finds some support from her mother (Sujata Kumar), her lawyer (Bikramjeet Kanwarpal), and her friend (Abid Shah), who also happens to be the writer of the movie.

Will Dia be able to prove Sharad's guilt and get him punished? Will she be able to overcome her ordeal and move on with her life? Will she find true love and happiness? These are some of the questions that Kis Hudh Tak... tries to answer in a gripping and realistic manner.

The Cast and Crew of Kis Hudh Tak...

The movie features some talented actors and actresses who deliver convincing performances in their roles. Here are some of the main cast members of Kis Hudh Tak...:

  • Shital Shah as Dia: She is the protagonist of the movie, a brave and beautiful law student who fights for justice after being raped by Sharad. She portrays the emotions and struggles of a rape survivor with authenticity and sensitivity.

  • Pawan Sharma as Sharad: He is the antagonist of the movie, a rich and spoiled brat who rapes Dia and tries to escape punishment. He plays the role of a ruthless and arrogant villain who has no remorse or empathy for his actions.

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