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Often it is difficult for others to understand or relate Gon's actions or thoughts to what people would consider "normal" thinking, with some believing him to be a little insane. Zepile remarked on how Gon "doesn't care about the good or the bad" when he is curious or amazed.[5] His morality is complex, almost juridical: Gon values life and ethics, but he can dissociate his personal feelings from them. He thanked Binolt, a serial killer, after he helped him get stronger,[6] and, in spite of being aware of how dangerous he is, Gon admires Hisoka for his might. Despite wanting to put a stop to the actions of the Phantom Troupe, Gon never hated them until he discovered they were capable of feeling emotion and empathy.[7] He never judged Killua for his past as an assassin, but he snapped at Illumi when he started to suspect that, rather than Killua killing because he was not taught to value life, his family was forcing him to do so regardless of how he felt about it.[8] Notably, however, he did not even think about warning Agon when the latter was about to cross paths with Hisoka, despite knowing fully well that the encounter would inevitably result in the man's death, all for the sake of obtaining the magician's tag.[9]

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