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Neighbours From Hell 6 - Episodes 1-5 [100% walkthrough] - YouTube

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But we need only look at the passage alluded to, as it stands in theBible, to see at once the true meaning of it; and that it, no moresanctions or authorises the conduct of Abolitionists, than the commandof God to the Jews to extirpate the inhabitants of Canaan, authorisesthe Abolitionists to extirpate our Southern [49]brethren! Much of thischapter (Deut. xxiii.) is taken up with directions to the Jewsrespecting their future conduct towards their heathen neighbours, theAmmonite, Moabite, &c., from whom, ("THINE ENEMIES,") if a servantescape, thou shalt not deliver him back. This command, be it observed,is not to individuals, but to the Jewish nation, which the sixteenthverse fully proves: for therein we find directions given, that theservant escaped from those heathen nations, may be permitted to dwellamong the Jews, and in whatever place he chooses. This could not, inthe nature of things, be a command to one Jewish master, in respect tothe treatment of a slave that had escaped from another Jewish master:the one expression "he may dwell among you" (v. 16.) ends all disputeon this subject. The Abolitionists must now for ever more search forsome other passage of Scripture, to contradict that which directs us to"do unto others as we would he done by!"

"These reasons were briefly as follows: 1. Because the peopleof the South had not consented to the original introduction ofslaves into the country, but had solemnly, earnestly, andrepeatedly remonstrated against it. 2. Because, having beenborn in the presence of slavery, and accustomed to it fromtheir infancy, they could not be expected to view it in thesame light as we view it at the North. 3. Slavery being thereestablished by law, it was not in the power of individuals toact in regard to it as their personal feelings might dictate.The evil had not been eradicated from the state of New Yorkall at once: it had been a gradual process, commencing withthe law of 1799, and not consummated until 1827. Ought we todenounce our Southern neighbours if they refused to do thework at a blow? 4. The constitution of the United States,tolerated slavery, in its articles apportioning representationwith reference to the slave population, and requiring thesurrender of runaway slaves. 5. Slavery had been muchmitigated of late years, and the condition of the slavepopulation much ameliorated. Its former rigour was almostunknown, at least in Virginia, and it was lesseningcontinually. It was not consistent with truth to represent theslaves as groaning day and night under the lash of tyrannicaltask-masters. And as to being kept in perfect ignorance, Mr.V. had seldom seen a plantation where some of the slavescould not read, and where they were not encouraged to learn.In South Carolina, where it was said the gospel wassystematically denied to the slave, there were twenty thousandof them church-members in the Methodist denomination alone. Heknew a small church where out of 70 communicants, 50 were inslavery. 6. There were very great difficulties connected withthe work of Abolition. The relations of slavery had ramified[62]themselves through all the relations of society. The slaveswere comparatively very ignorant; their character degraded;and they were unqualified for immediate freedom. A blunder insuch a concern as universal Abolition, would be no lightmatter. Mr. V. here referred to the result of experience andpersonal observation on the mind of the well known Mr.Parker, late a minister of this city, but now of New Orleans.He had left this city for the South with the feelings of animmediate Abolitionist; but he had returned with his viewswholly changed. After seeing slavery and slave-holders, andthat at the far South, he now declared the idea of immediateand universal Abolition to be a gross absurdity. To liberatethe two and a half millions of slaves in the midst of us,would be just as wise and as humane, as it would be for thefather of a numerous family of young children to take them tothe front door, and there bidding them good bye, tell themthey were free, and send them out into the world to providefor and govern themselves. 7. Foreign interference was, ofnecessity, a delicate thing, and ought ever to be attemptedwith the utmost caution. 8. There was a large amount ofunfeigned Christian anxiety at the South to obey God and to dogood to man. There were many tears and prayers continuallypoured out over the condition of their coloured people, andthe most earnest desire to mitigate their sorrows. Were suchpersons to be approached with vituperation and anathemas? 9.There was no reason why all our sympathies should be confinedto the coloured race and utterly withheld from our whiteSouthern brethren. The apostle Paul exhibited no such spirit.10. A regard to the interest of the slaves themselves dictateda cautious and prudent and forbearing course. It called forconciliation: for the fate of the slaves depended on the willof their masters, nor could the North prevent it. The latelaws against teaching slaves to read had not been passed untilthe Southern people found inflammatory publicationscirculating among the coloured people. 11. The spirit of thegospel forbade all violence, abuse and threatening. Theapostles had wished to call fire from heaven on those theyconsidered as Christ's enemies; but the Saviour instead ofapproving this fiery zeal, had rebuked it. 12. These Southernpeople, who were represented as so grossly violating allChristian duty, had been [63]the subjects of gracious blessingsfrom God in the outpourings of his Spirit. 13. When Godconvinced men of error, he did it in the spirit of mercy; weought to endeavour to do the same thing in the same spirit."

1st. "Dr. Shane, of Cincinnati, went with a company ofemigrants to Liberia in 1832, sailing from New-Orleans; and,among other things, writes, 'I see not in Liberia as fine andsplendid mansions as in the United States; nor as extensiveand richly stocked farms as the well-tilled lands of Ohio; butI see a fine and very fertile country, inviting its poor andoppressed sons to thrust in their sickles and gather up itsfullness. I here see many who left the United States instraitened circumstances, living with all the comforts of lifearound them; enjoying a respectable and useful station insociety, and wondering that their brethren in the UnitedStates, who have it in their [79]power, do not flee to thisasylum of happiness and liberty, where they can enjoy all theunalienable rights of man. * * I do not think an unprejudicedperson can visit here without becoming an ardent and sincerefriend of colonization. I can attribute the apathy andindifference on which it is looked by many, as arising fromignorance on the subject alone, and would that every freecoloured man in the United States could get a glimpse of hisbrethren, their situation and prospects. * * * Let but thecoloured man come and see for himself, and the tear ofgratitude will beam in his eye, as he looks forward to the notfar distant day, when Liberia shall take her stand among thenations of the world, and proclaim abroad an empire founded bybenevolence, offering a home to the poor, oppressed, andweary. Nothing but a want of knowledge of Liberia, preventsthousands of honest, industrious free blacks from rushing tothis heaven-blessed land, where liberty and religion, with alltheir blessings, are enjoyed.'

One thing that I would like is the freezing problem firefox has when you download something and your download history is big and bloated. I know that I just need to do a cleanup but it's quite handy to have the list of completed downloads as it is quicker to open the download from the list than actually going to the directory. It would also be nice if it is date stamped. Just my 2 cents.

.....Back in the dawn of time (1982), Bill Gates begat a PC screen that was 640 pixels wide, that permitted only 80 characters on a line -- the same as on a typewriter (remember them?)......Then came the internet browser, and with a lot of those 640 screens still around, developers decided that the only way to get an article to you was to roll it down like toilet paper, narrow but long......It made sense then, but that was then. Last year the New York Times came out with its "Times Reader," which took any article in the paper and laid it out all the way across the screen vertically and (yesss!) horizontally, in multiple columns that are easy to read. In fact, on today's detailed screens such an article is clearer, bigger, with less page-fumbling, and easier to hold up than it is in the paper edition. The Times is selling this version of its FREE web edition for $15 a month (almost the price of the hard copies)......There had to be an answer to this organized pickpocketing of web readers, and so an obscure coder named Manu wrote a routine using the script-running extension Greasemonkey. It has started small, converting only a dozen websites, but gloriously, one of them was Now there is a free version of what the Times is selling for $180 a year. (That's $1,800,000, even if they have only 10,000 users.).....When you think about it, today's browsers look awfully dumb. And that includes Firefox. Here we are with giant screens that can hold the whole top half of a newspaper page, every letter razor-sharp, and these screens are WIDE. Yet the browser windows continue to be narrow, and very high. Rather than glancing from column to column with folded arms, we clickety-click the down arrow or spacebar, and if we need a name from earlier, we clickety-click back up to get it, and clickety-click back to where we were reading. We're in the dark ages of browsers, and we don't even know it!.....When you have read your whole gigantic multi-column screen, you hit a right-arrow and find another screen of multi-column text. Even the longest Times articles wrap it up before the second screen is covered......Manu knows this is the wave of the future, but he has a job and a family and no time to develop this idea. He is happy to let someone else be the hero. Pick up where he left off by visiting will find that he uses the "print" function of a web page as a crutch. But any coder with smarts and dusk-to-dawn energy can make this tool "copy" the text, take note of its font, and lay it out full screen with multiple columns. Is anybody reading this? (Or do these notes just fade away unseen?) If so, what are you hanging around for? It's time to write code!-- yankeedam


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