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Scarface The World Is Yours

Scarface is an open world action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective, in which the player controls Tony Montana as he attempts to regain control of Miami's drug trade, destroy rival gangs, and restore his own reputation in the criminal underworld.[6]

Scarface The World Is Yours

As he leaves the mansion, Tony finds one of Sosa's henchmen who is still alive. The survivor begs for his life, and Tony offers him a job. The game ends with the henchman working as Tony's butler, as he and Venus watch television in a Jacuzzi. Feeling good about his life, Tony declares he finally has what he always felt was coming to him: "the world".

"The treacherous world of Scarface is a natural property to translate into a cinematic game play experience. The game will feature cutting-edge technology, a compelling storyline and the unprecedented experience of playing as one of Hollywood's most notorious gangsters."

I did work a lot on this thing. It was a pain in the ass! I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I didn't know anything about ancillary scenes, about how the character can go in different directions, he has to have a line of dialogue for every single character he encounters. I'm not a video game guy, I don't play video games [...] I put a lot of time into this but I only put, you know, several months. Radical put in several years, these guys were working on this thing forever. I gave them the best blueprint I could. I helped them as much as I could with dialogue, ancillary scenes, I helped guide them as much as I could but in the end it's their baby. It was their world; I was just living in it for a little while.[25]

"Scarface is, first and foremost, about delivering the experience of being Tony Montana. It's about revenge, excess, indulgence, and having the balls to take what you want; all of these features come together as well as they do because they resonate with the core of Scarface: The World is Yours, namely: 'What Would Tony Montana Do?' At every stage of development we've asked ourselves this question to ensure that our design and artistic decisions come from the right place. Tony is an unpredictable, comical, and likeable guy and this shines through in everything that he does. He also has a strong moral code. He doesn't think twice about taking down people who are in his way or trying to put him down, but he won't kill innocents (e.g. pedestrians, women, children). He's a likeable, charismatic, and fun-to-play character and that makes Scarface a unique experience in open-world games."

In late March 2006, Vivendi gave pre-alpha builds of the PlayStation 2 version of the game to both IGN and GameSpot. They explained that since E3 2005, Radical had given the entire game an overhaul, improving the design and creating a more compelling storyline.[6] They had also tweaked the gameplay in an effort to appeal to both casual gamers and more hardcore gamers. These changes had been implemented after some negative feedback from both the public and the gaming press following the E3 demo. Writers had been especially critical of the look of the game, and one of Radical's alterations was to repaint every external texture.[37] Jason Bone stated the negative feedback was a good thing, as Radical had underestimated the difficulty of making a large open world game; "We do have a bit of experience with open world games, but they were on a much smaller scale - there wasn't a lot of detail in them. With this game, we needed it to feel cinematic and yet be an open world game." The negative feedback made them realize the game needed more work. Bone also stated work had not begun on the Xbox 360 version, as they didn't want it to be a direct port, nor did they want it to distract them from the PS2, PC and Xbox versions. He also suggested that a PlayStation 3 version was under consideration.[23]

In August, a Collector's Edition of the game for the PlayStation 2 was announced, which would include the game, a bonus DVD including a "Making of" documentary, a video walkthrough with producer commentary, cast interviews, hints and tips, a full map of the game world and concept art.[41][42]

"Bringing Scarface: The World Is Yours to Wii is an exciting opportunity to take an already amazing game and add an incredible twist, thanks to the Wii console's unique remote controller abilities. Adding motion-sensitive elements to a game that already includes an incredible celebrity cast, Hollywood production values and non-stop action, delivers a gaming experience unlike any other, truly bringing the world of Tony Montana to vivid life."

IGN's Chris Roper was extremely impressed, scoring the PC, PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions 8.7 out of 10, and giving the game an "Editor's Choice" award.[7][63][65] The Xbox version was also awarded the October "Xbox Game of the Month" award.[71] Roper dismissed notions that the game was simply a Grand Theft Auto clone, arguing instead that it advanced the genre; "much of Scarface is based on what we've seen in Grand Theft Auto. In fact, it's fairly obvious that Radical used said series as the blueprint and then went back and re-evaluated its shortcomings. The result is that we have a game that fixes many of GTA's problematic elements." He praised the basic gameplay, the storyline, the balls meter, rage mode, and the aiming system. Although he was somewhat critical of the map, arguing too many areas in the game are accessible via only one road, he concluded "there are a whole lot of little things about Scarface that make it fun, but it's the sum of its parts that make it the overall great game that it is. It does a whole lot to fix many of the problems with other games in the genre, and it does an absolutely fantastic job of bringing the world of Scarface to gamers."[7] Mark Bozon and Chris Roper scored the Wii version 8.5 out of 10, also giving it an "Editor's Choice" award, and writing "Scarface is a very impressive game, and while there isn't a ton of Wii-specific additions to the package, everything that was added makes a big difference." Praising the controls, they wrote "it's amazingly easy to target enemies and blow off specific body parts in the process." They called it "an intelligent, high-budget, astonishingly impressive game", arguing "Wii owners that fit in the hardcore crowd will absolutely eat this one up, as it's currently one of the deepest and most entertaining experiences on the system."[64]

Game Informer's Matt Helgeson scored the PlayStation 2 version 8.5 out of 10, calling it "a very playable and addictive open-world game that manages to put its own fresh spin on the familiar genre." He was critical of the side-missions, calling them "very repetitive", but he concluded "Overall, I had a great time with Scarface. It's every bit as profane, violent, and over-the-top as the movie, and delivers not only the gunplay you're expecting, but as much depth as almost any other game in the genre."[19]

GameSpy's Justin Speer scored the PlayStation 2 version 4 out of 5, calling it "a ridiculously violent, unbelievably profane game that lets you glorify yourself with virtual millions of dollars in hard-earned drug money, fast cars, boats, underlings, women and copious amounts of blood. It's a good feeling." However, he noted that "gamers who are getting used to the next-generation of console visuals aren't going to be impressed with either the PS2 or the Xbox version." He also argued the game becomes somewhat repetitive towards the end. However, he concluded "Scarface is a long-lasting experience that's simply a lot of fun. Part guilty pleasure, part blazingly successful experiment in game design, Scarface: The World is Yours is definitely worth a shot."[16]

Scarface: The World is Yours is an open world action game similar in nature to the Grand Theft Auto series, and as such contains gameplay elements strongly reminiscent of GTA and similar games, such as a notoriety system. Combat is both based in gunplay and melee attacks, and when wielding a gun specific bodyparts can be targeted for different results. For example, shooting an enemy's arm may disarm the opponent, while shooting the leg could cripple them.

A team of developers has released a concept trailer for an Unreal Engine 5 remake of the open-world action-adventure game Scarface: The World Is Yours. The brief trailer showcases how the developers were able to use Unreal Engine 5 to reimagine the now 16-year-old game.

Parents need to know that this violent, profane action game is for adults only. Players control an aspiring drug kingpin, and gameplay involves buying and selling drugs and killing hundreds of people. The graphic violence frequently involves decapitation and other body mutilation. The language includes an incredible amount of swearing and plenty of coarse sexual references. The criminal world depicted in the game includes prostitution, corrupt police, and gambling.

SCARFACE: THE WORLD IS YOURS is essentially a Grand Theft Auto (GTA) clone. Like the series it is so clearly based on, Scarface lets players indulge in heaps of antisocial violence in a large virtual world populated by hookers, hustlers, and homicidal maniacs. In the 1983 film, Tony Montana is shot to death in his mansion, a victim of the violent, druggy world he built. In the game, Tony makes a last-minute escape and loses everything except his life: Players control Tony as he tries to re-build his reputation, defeat rival gangs, and reclaim the turf he needs to begin selling massive amounts of drugs.

The first few hours are a profane, bloody blast. The game world of Scarface is huge and beautiful. But as the game progresses, players will find themselves doing little else besides driving through ever-longer delivery missions and blasting through larger crowds of enemies. The environments don't provide a lot of incentive to explore.

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