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earlier this month, ford was widely reported to have been caught on video smoking crack cocaine by reporters for the globe and other media outlets. ford denied he was doing drugs at the time. he also repeatedly denied using cocaine or pot in recent years despite admission in 2012 that he had been smoking crack. this is the third time in four years that a recording that appeared to feature him smoking crack surfaced.


as with the last audio recording, some online outlets have taken the video and changed the source to be a different man. a version of the video apparently appears to show ford smoking a white crystalline substance.

ford was ejected from the toronto police service after he admitted in a speech at a rotary club event in april that he had smoked crack cocaine when he was in rehab. then in august, he said he was still a heavy smoker of marijuana. as a mayor, ford runs a police force that has to keep an eye on its own members and their conduct.

ford apologized to the city over his "poor choice in judgment" in march when the 2008 audio recording of him ranting about "white girls" and "fucking mexicans" appeared. he was suspended by the toronto police services and then permanently removed in january 2013 after he was charged with assault after allegedly striking a woman in a high-profile domestic dispute. ford says he will donate the $1,150-a-month pension he will receive as a former toronto mayor to support drug-addiction programs.

korean car maker hyun-il had ranked third in the us for hybrid sales until september when it dropped out of the rankings and into fifth place. hyundais are actually selling, they can go a few hundred thousand miles, and the cost of ownership is very low. people do not buy a volt because the cost of gasoline is much more expensive than the $20,000 tax credit, said jeff schuster, senior editor at industry newsletter green car reports.


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