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Emergency 2017 Download PC Game

Emergency 2017 is a part of Emergency Series and it is a simulation game which is developed by German Developer and designed by the creative director and this game player can control all the Emergency services like ambulance and fire. The main element of the series is operations of the fictional crime and medical management and also many personal vehicles.

Emergency 2017 Download PC Game

Emergency 2017 is the new version of the game which has included the Emergency 2016 campaign in the middle Ages. this game has Real-Time Strategy(RTS) and left-mouse button and it will be allowed to select units and the right one used to select movements in an emergency. A player attending standard missions each and every mission harder and demanding.

In this Emergency 2017 have a PC version in which rescues alliances players can communicate with the loaning units with lots of missions. In all the missions players can create such alliance invites with the other players and also complete the league combined score. In this game, the most important thing is setting it to take place in the present and graphics are realistic. The start of the game has a different mission which can take place inspired by the reallocation.

When there is life there are challenges that you have to deal on a every day basis. Similarly, Emergency 2017 is simulation game of the Emergency Series brought together by German Developers. Designed in a creative way in which you have to control all the emergencies thrown your way. You have to encounter medical emergencies as well as crime situations and also other fictional emergencies and win the game.

Emergency 2016 was campaigned in the middle ages while Emergency 2017 is the new version of this game. The RTS (Real time Strategy) in the game allows you to have a realistic gameplay. The left side of your mouse allows you to select units while the right one selects the movements in the emergencies. You are the single player attending to all the emergencies happening around you as you progress, the difficulties and challenges gets higher and the missions get extremely hard and demanding.

Go back into the 17th Century Hamburg and save all the citizens including yourself from the angry policemen. Save the injured citizens by mending their wounds as a result of bombs and terrorist activities in the country. Face these unwanted situations happening in the metropolises like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and more. This is a cooperative multiplayer game that can be played online with your friends as you can design your own customized Emergency and work on it together, side by side with your friends through an online connection. Give commands over to the fire brigades, ambulances, relief forces or rescue services by commanding more than 20 vehicles used for these sources. Become the best emergency manager and take your fellow citizens as well as yourself out from such a pandemic by solving and helping in the emergencies.

Emergency 2017 has been developed under the banner of Sixteen Tons Entertainment for Microsoft Windows. It is released on 27th October 2016 and Ravenscourt published this game worldwide. You can also download Emergency 2016.

If you ever had a dream of commanding the fire brigade, police or other rescue forces then this game is best for you. Because in this game you are going to command them and there will be a lot of action including infernos, spring floods and terrorism. This game is set in the 17th Century Hamburg and you have to save your fellow citizens. In the old days you were in danger of being victimized by international by terrorism. And you have the choice to overcome the danger, control damage and keep order in the city. There is an additional unit of K9 which is available for help and it detects the dangerous bombs. You have to command over 20 unique vehicles from the police and other rescue services. All in all Emergency 2017 is very enjoyable. You may also like to download Emergency 5 PC Game.

If tactical organization of emergencies is the right think for you, then you should use Emergency 2017 Download CODEX and have fun in the discussed gameplay. It will make you feel like specialized organizer of rescue operations. Your task will be planning and conducting all the necessary actions just to restore order and peace on the streets of selected city.

The upside that may convince you to try out the described game seems to be very rich graphics as well as special effects that increase the realism of the game. The player has got emergency units of different kind at his disposal. A unique novelty in the strategy game will be the presence of a dog that will aid your rescuing team during missions. It turns out that he might be helpful during searching for people and finding planted bombs. Taking all these things into account, one can say that it is surely very interesting and it will absorb the player while taking him to the world of rescue actions. New options and functions available in the game greatly contribute to improving the quality of it what positively results on the general condition of the game.

Known as Emergency 3 in North America, this installment is the first to use a 3D engine and a movable camera angle instead of a 2D engine. In addition there are 20 new missions, as well as two new game-modes; Endless and Challenge, where the player handles an infinite amount of everyday emergency situations.

Emergency 3 also introduces the ability for players to use an editor software. This allows the player to create custom maps, emergencies, missions, vehicles, personnel and custom game features. This inspired a growing modding community to create modifications based on different cities and countries emergency services.

Emergency 4: Global Fighters for Life contains 20 missions and the Endless and Challenge free play modes. It is also the first in the series to support multiplayer gameplay.The deluxe release includes three extra missions, support for voice commands, plus some additional game features. The game allows the player to use over 25 emergency vehicles plus varieties of rescue personnel. The abilities of the TEC forces have been extended since their addition in Emergency 3: fire department bulldozers have returned from Emergency 2 as Tech wheel loaders for obstacle removal, while the new recovery helicopter and its winch allows engineers to access and rescue people in unreachable, grounded locations. The medical rescue helicopter has been downgraded into a standard air ambulance.

Emergency 20 is a replacement for Emergency 2017 and additionally recreates 10 missions from the early games of the series to celebrate 20 years of the Emergency franchise. After completing a classic mission, a making-of video with the developer speaking about the history of that mission gets unlocked.

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I have bought EMERGENCY 5, EMERGENCY 5 Deluxe, EMERGENCY Reloaded or EMERGENCY 2016 as Retail version and want to upgrade the game to EMERGENCY 2017.Upgrading is no longer possible.I have bought EMERGENCY 5, EMERGENCY 5 Deluxe, EMERGENCY Reload, EMERGENCY 2016 or EMERGENCY 2017as Retail version and want to upgrade the game to EMERGENCY 20.Upgrading is no longer possible.

If problems arise during the installation process, we recommend the manual installation. If the manual installation aborts, please check if the game is still running in the background. If DLL-files are still in use, they cannot be replaced. Instructions to manually install DirectX & Visual C++ Go to and download the "Prerequisites (DirectX, Visual C++ Redistributables)"DirectXThe download extracts the files. At this point a new folder can be selected, e.g. on the desktop. The SETUP.exe has to be started manually. Please follow the instructions of the setup program. Visual C++Select vcredist_x64.exe (only for users of 64bit Windows) and vcredist_x86.exe (for all). Execute both files after the download one after another. Follow the instructions of the setup program. Alternatively you may download the files separately on the following websites: DirectX: -us/download/details.aspx?id=8109 Visual C++: -de/download/details.aspx?id=30679

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