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Where To Buy Duluth Clothing

Duluth Trading Company sells its line of clothing at company-owned stores and online at As of 2015, there are seven retail stores and two outlet stores in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and South Dakota.

where to buy duluth clothing

Apparel and goods for the outdoor enthusiast. From organic and sustainable fabrics, to planting trees for every purchase, to cleaning up waterways, every brand that we carry practices sustainable initiatives. IG: @free_air_life_co FB: @freeairlifecoduluth

Duluth Trading Company, a retail chain built on being the working man's hero, with clothing designed to address fashion challenges like "plumber's butt" and pants with extra crotch room for "ouchless crouching," is preparing to break into the New Jersey market.

A spokeswoman for Duluth Trading said the company doesn't like to comment on future stores or say when they are expected to open while the project is still underway. When selecting new sites, she said, the company looks for places where customers are already buying Duluth products online.

To Customer Service:Just got my Firehose work jeans. I was disgusted to see that I just bought Duluth jean that were made in Vietnam. As a decorated Vietnam Veteran I would NEVER had purchased these and you should list Country of Origin. Vietnam, a country we were at war with and lost 57,000 young men. A Country that is still Communist and we are supporting them with OUR money for clothing you order from them. Duluth Trading will NEVER get another penny from me. I was excited about your line of work pants (especially the Fire Hose line) until I read the Made In Vietnam label when they arrived.

This summer, I want to feature a few well-known brands that have begun carrying plus size clothing. Many of these companies have existed for quite some time, but plus size shoppers ignored them because they thought the stores had nothing to offer. Fortunately, the plus size community has been speaking out and retailers have finally started to listen. Inclusivity is growing rapidly in retail chains across the US.

That being said, I did find several items of clothing that I really liked. The fabric and construction of the clothing is durable and breathable. Items are offered in a variety of materials, patterns, and colors. The clothing generally has a good amount of stretch, making the items easy to move in. There are thoughtful amounts of pockets in shirts, pants, and jackets. Many of the button-down shirts include a chamois in the button placket, which is a fun detail, and super handy for cleaning smudged sunglasses on the go. While the prices of clothing at Duluth are a bit high, it seems that the items are built to last.

Duluth Trading Co. clothing and apparel is known for its one-of-a-kind, unapologetic approach to quality workwear. Designed for the harsh winters and extreme summers of the Midwest, corporate Duluth Trading Co. apparel was made to withstand hard work, no matter your environment. Let custom Duluth Trading Co's well-known reputation bring your brand to the forefront. From the beloved Fire Hose Work Pants that can handle just about anything to the custom Classic Flannel Shirts that fight the cold and wind, logo-branded Duluth Trading Co. apparel has your team covered. With your logo added, custom Duluth Trading Co. apparel makes corporate workwear that performs no matter the weather.

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