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Batman Begins English Subtitle - YIFY YTS Subtitles

in batman begins, bruce wayne/batman is a trained acrobat and an orphan who donates his vast fortune to the gotham city police department to fight crime. the film is set six years later, when the billionaire is forced to return to gotham and put his career as a crime fighter on hold to deal with the fallout from his parents' deaths.

batman begins subtitles english 720p dimensions

the film is also a cohesive experience, moving from the sort of intense situations that gotham city can present to the more playful, comedic situations of the suburbs. if you watched the tv series with no prior knowledge of the show, you might not recognize any of the characters. the film begins at the height of the character development in the first three seasons. after that, bruce has become familiar to us, but were introduced to an entirely new cast of characters, including the joker, poison ivy, catwoman, harley quinn and the penguin. but no matter the characters, the story is always about batman. if you can accept that fact, the movie is a perfect entry point into the universe of batman.

the film is filled with conflicts between a modern, out-of-touch batman, who is obsessed with fighting crime and reality television, and a group of similarly paranoid characters, who find reality itself in conflict with itself, and who are perpetually at war with those who seek to destroy the city.

the series has almost as many fans as it does detractors. it will appeal to both, depending on what you want out of a batman film. i enjoyed the film. it has a strong comic book vibe and a very good plot. in addition, the film mixes the comic book tone with a more realistic one. the opening credits are comic book-esque, and the action is often frantic and violent. but even when the action slows down, the characters are not defeated. the film presents a very close relationship between batman and alfred, and a deep one between bruce and his parents. but it has a sense of humor, as well.


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