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Mbs Series Stallion Breeding Farm

Results: Farm characteristics found in bivariate analyses to be associated with increased risk for pneumonia caused by R equi in foals included > 200 farm acres, > or = 60 acres used in the husbandry of horses, > 160 horses, > or = 10 mares housed permanently on the farm (resident mares), > 17 foals, > 0.25 foals/acre, and the presence of transient mares (mares brought temporarily to the farm for breeding or foaling) and their foals. Affected farms were significantly more likely to be > 200 acres in size and have > or = 10 resident dam-foal pairs, whereas control farms were significantly more likely to have > or = 75% of their dam-foal pairs housed permanently on the farm.

Mbs Series Stallion Breeding Farm

This is the merit badge for every scout that dreams of being a rancher or farmer when they grow up. Livestock feeding, digestion, diseases, breeding, and even biosecurity are covered in exploring the vast range of knowledge required to manage an animal facility.

  • Visit a farm or ranch where beef cattle are produced under any of these systems: Feeding market cattle for harvest

  • Cow/calf operation, producing feeder cattle for sale to commercial cattle feeders

  • Producing purebred cattle for sale as breeding stock to others.

  • Farm Animal Diseases: anthrax, brucellosis, campylobacteriosis, orf virus, cryptosporidium, e. coli, influenza, leptospirosis, listeriosis, MRSA, Q fever, rabies, ringworm, salmonella, fowl cholera, necrotic enteritis, pullorum disease, fowl typhoid, botulism, erysipelas

  • Cattle Terms:A mature, intact male used to breed is a bull.

  • A male that has been castrated before sexual maturity is a steer.

  • A bullock is a young steer.

  • A female that has had at least one calf is called a cow.

  • A female that is one to two years old, and has never had a calf, is a heifer.

  • An infertile heifer is called a freemartin. A female that is older than two years old but has never had a baby is a heiferette.

  • A cow or heifer close to calving is a springer.

  • A calf is less than a year old.

  • Goat Terms: A buck is a sexually mature intact male goat used for breeding.

  • A doe is a sexually-mature female goat.

  • A kid is less than one year old.

  • Horse Terms: A mare is an adult female horse, over the age of three.

  • A stallion is a male horse that has not been castrated.

  • A gelding is a male horse that has been castrated.

  • A foal is a horse under one year old.

  • A colt is a male horse under three years old.

  • A filly is a female horse under three years old.

  • A mustang is a small, strong wild horse of North America's western region.

  • A quarter horse is small, strong, and good at running fast for short distances.

  • A draft horse is used to draw heavy loads.

  • A pacer is a harness racing horse that moves the legs on the same side together.

  • A trotter is a harness racing horse that moves diagonal legs.

  • Pinto has a pattern of white on the body

  • Calico is mostly white with red or black patches.

  • Palomino has a golden coat and lighter mane and tail.

  • Roan is a brownish coat with white hairs evenly through the main color.

  • Overo is the coloring of a paint horse with white mostly on the sides and color mostly on the back

  • Tobiano is the coloring of a paint horse with most color on the sides and white on the back

  • Sheep Terms: A castrated male sheep is called a wether.

  • A female sheep is called a ewe.

  • A male sheep is called a ram.

  • Lambs are less than one year of age.

  • Hog Terms: A gilt is a female pig expecting its first litter.

  • A sow is a female pig that has already had one litter.

  • A barrow is a male that has been castrated.

  • A boar is a sexually intact male pig.

  • Avian Terms: A hen is an adult female poultry.

  • A rooster is an adult male chicken.

  • A chick is a baby chicken.

  • A capon is a castrated male chicken.

  • A tom is an adult male turkey.

  • A poult is a baby turkey.

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Deposit of 55 requiredto assure return of planaCONTRACTOR'S NOTICE Sealed bids willbe received until 1 oclock p. m. August13. 1914. by Howell Johnson, county Judge,Ft Stockton, Texas, for Improvements onapproximately 250 miles of Pecos countyhighways. Separata bids will be receivedfor concrete work. Complete plana, spedflealons, etc. on file with county clerk orcan be obtained from Whltaker & Washington, Engineers, Ft. Stockton. Texas, bydeposit of 810. Right reserved to rejectany or all bids.Howell Johnson.County Judge. Pecos County, Texas.UN!ONg)rABkLOF THE OUP-SivpofJi jutoOttO" " wrv&uuvi -;; ,r7:gm-t -Stocks and Bonds.THISIs the day of specialists. When money isto be spent efficiency In the person whoacts in an advisory capacity Is the firstconsideration. Like other specialists, weknow oar business better than any one elsecan know it in oar field, and are proportionately efficient. An Investment Is asensitive thins. May we help you to avoidmistakes? 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FOR ONLY $33 VER.ACRE.IF THIS DON'T GET RESULTS WEFEEL LIKE QUITTING.BAILEY LAND CO.PHONE 2W8. 34)6 MESA AVE.iFOR SALE.AT SACRIFICE TRICE,8385 PER LOT.18 lots on Estretta. St. lectodlng 2 corners, perfeetir -level. 1 Week south of Alameda Ave.; Hive been offered 5818 perlot for 3 iasHe lets. Must sen an 1C letswithin next 19 days. Attractive terms.Jas. J. Watts.194 San Franctsoe St. .Phase 454NEWMAN INVESTMENT CO.BEAL ESTATE. INSURANCE. BONDS.100 SAX ANTONIO ST.WMO C KM. BUNG, NEW. CTRANDVIEW, 1 BLK. CAR LINE. 3350CASH, 530 FEB 310.S31S0 SSIOND ST.KM. MOD. HM, RICH$35 CASH, $3G PEE jh).,.S???"7? B3t BTOTC NEW. GRANDVIEW, 1 BLK. CAR JANE. 60CASH. BAL. SUIT."" KM. STONE nS, GRANDVIEW, f 100 CASH, SMI PER MO.2e 8 KM. nS., 1H LOTS. DEN-?&. ?$J Me0" TRADE FOR ELPASO LOTS OR HS.,SS? ?S A ML YSLETA.lOA. CASH. 10 POT. CASH, BAL.TEB MO, FINE LAND.I-f'S! TERM " - "CT?,0". A- WELL ntTROVED,W:.PmCKE!i' RANCH, 9 MLXSISSs.ieo OASH. BAL. SUIT.NEWMAN rNYESTJIJENT CO.EXCEPTIONAL BAKGATN.BeautKuT'l ream yellow brick. Bast RioGrande St home, west of Golden HUI: 5x12 ft, south front, nice Interior frnisUng;beating plant, hardwood floors: spadousgarage and storeroom; cellar: servants'quarters, iron and brick fencing alt around,brick outhouses, back yard planted In grass55? lirea Never rented. FOR SALEBY OWNER FAR BELOW -COST Applyfor Information to 304 Capies Bldg.M3 r: iw sffiM,PDV" Qry fW ")&T CZTZ ehoW i.taw -J , - 0pTOTie pap- to spevo 3fSSStXmmSf&rs( -aiens w06 I .. . A. J J.urnLtMVTD ' W-HA- HO-HO- Ho - L?i;flsVj1atir?SwN istttr W - .ForSale RealEstate45 LOTS in French Addition for salo cheapfor casta. Apply Owner 412. Caples BMg.FOR SALE at a sacrifice. 3 lots closeBrewery Garden. Phone 5679.Macon Realty Co.. 426 Mills Bide.WILL, SACRIFICE Adjoining new OddFellow building 109 feet on Franklin. L.R- E, care Herald.RIO GRANDE ST. BARGALN-For sale byowner. A south frost corner, 40x126 ft.This is an ideal location for a home. Phone2143 WTOR SALE Valuable property CHEAP.Will sell at price that will not purchaser,rented unfurnished, about 12 percent; furnshed 15 percent; also some valuable lots,well located. Answer "Owner." care Herald.MONTANA ST. LOTS, SSW.lots 9. 1. 11. 12. block 88. Bassett Add.,on the paved extension f Montana St., S9eeach, including street paving. Will sell1. 2. 3 or all. as desired. 1-S cash, balance1. 2 and 3 years. 8 percent. TV. M. Laughlin. Herald office.For Sale or Exchange.O.IARTER SECTION New Mexico wheatland exchanged for auto or property. Wilkinson. 404 Roberts-Banner BMg.FOR TRADE Unincumbered automobileand farm 1 mile from ralh-oad station. NewMexico In trade for unincumbered El Pasoproperty. What have you? Write P. 1.El Paso Herald.For Sale or RentFOR SALE OR RENT Furnished 5 roombungalow. On Bliss St. Phone 27(t J.F.LKGANTLY furnished 6 room bene, allconveniences, for rent or sale; dose In.811 N CampbeH. Phone t3lSecond-Hand Antomobiles.WANTED 2d hand Ford car. Phone 7SSTUDEBAKBR "23" 1913 model 5 passenger for sale cheap; Al condition. Ph. 4897.SECOND HAND CARS.Expert repairljg, 28 N'. Kansas. Phone47S4. Calls answered, day and night.AM LEAVING CITT and will sell my Ughpowered Knox roadster; worth the money.Address G. 43.PREMIER 7 passenger cheap for cash.Just overhauled, brand new ttree. 813 N.Campbell. Phone SflCNATIONAL automobile at 1-3 regular price.Will trade for clear lots or vendor lien notes.Not Junk but a real 5 passenger car; goingeast See owner. 218 Mills St.For Sale Motorcycles.EXCELSIOR Twin motftreycye. free enginecluteh. perfect condition. A snap. Phone334 or call 219 San Francisco.FOR SALE 7 H. P Flying Merkel metercycle, perfect condition, new Urea, veryreasonable Allen Arms A Cycle Co, 494N Oregon StBicycles for Sale.FOR SALE One lady's "ShaplaUh Special"picyci. reasoaapie. ins, wyommg.For Sale Furniture.w" -- vi-m,n. uwiuit -J m uiiiivSt"' l?"Zj??' ? JSUo"' a,"Becker Bros, piano. 1494 Arizona;FURNITURE FOR SALE; house for rent:rent reasonable. 702 N. Kansas. Phone 3812:call morningsGOING EAST and most sell furniture (lessthan year old) of & room bungalow andrent house; terms or trade for lota SeeOwner. 5-7 evenings. 2723 K. Boulevard St.Dogs For Sale.FOR SLE Thoroughbred bull terrier pupPies. Inquire 1991 Rio Grande St.ENGLISH BULLDOGS Registered fromprize winning parents, three 3 months oldpups, z brlndles. l yearling brlndle. pricesreasonable, breeding and quality considered.T. M. Hinra. Rio Grande Bank.Sale Miscellaneous.Calif. Medicated Healing Soap Ph. 3289 W.FOB SALE Horseradish roots. Ph. 2371 J.IRON SAFE, SM: Ice box. 84; tent. 8x19.88.50, 10x12. 3150. Weies, 215 S. Stanton.FOB SALE Blue Flams stove.Kens. Phone 3642.few layingFOR S4LE 2 room tent 'house, furnished.Phone 6332 W.JUST BOUGHT BY CHANCE Big lot ofrubber set brushes at SOc on the SLM.IL Mohr. JOT S. FJ Paso St.FOR SALE Kokomo ornamental iron fence.3c per foot 171 feet or less. 35M Montana. Phone 3176.LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEERS I seU bestcushions and metallic grips. Albert Teas.218 Walnut. Phone 2936.FOR SALE "Quick Meal- self generatinggasoline range Bargain, Call at 805Hutton, Phone 914.JUST BOUGHT BY CHANCE Big lot ofrubber set brushes at 50c on the 3L94.H. Mohr. SB9 S. HI Paw St.Ready Reference Business Directory.Adding Machines.DALTON AJdlng Machines. 316 Mills at.Burroughs Adding Machines 102 Mills Bldg.Accountants.THURSTON AUDIT CO. PHONE 3268.21-32 City Nat. Bank Building... . LONGNECKEK WICKSTEAD.Ph. 8.4 Am Bank Bldg P OAuctioneers.W. A. WILLIAMS.Auction Sales and Commission Broker.Office Phone 69L Residence Phone 365..9lce' Entrance to Caples Bldg.I SeH Everything at Auction or Private SaleCleaning ind Presslag.BR1G US YOUR CLOTHES TO PRESS...Pi


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