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Serial Number Logos 4 Bible Software

I just purchased the Logos 4 (Scholar's Library - disc) and during my installation I was prompted for my userid and password. As a Logos for iPhone user I had an account already setup and when I put that in it ran and now signs me in every time. Good. It also auto-updated. Good again. I did not, however, ask me for my serial number and, as such, i can't download any of the purchased content.

Serial Number Logos 4 Bible Software

You don't need to enter a serial number for Logos 4 as I understand and have been told by Logos staff . If you downloaded (I am assuming you did) the software it just installs. For the disk I don't have direct experience, I bought via download.

The answer is to ignore the request and just click continue. For stuff sold on DVD Logos have abandoned the requirement of a serial number but have yet to update the installer. Very annoying having retrieved the packaging from the bin not to find one.

I can't see anywhere that it would let me check my serial number. I figure that would be the best bet. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling it retains my information and doesn't give me the option to re-enter anything so I can even look for where the serial number belongs.

Historical observations: Logos 2.0 required serial number entry to unlock library resources. Logos 3.0g on Windows has Tools => Library Management => Account Summary, which shows User Activation (customer id and confirmation code), Product Activation (serial number(s) with activation code(s)), Unlocks (resources, addins, data files, other) and Other (addins). The Unlocks list includes Logos 4 base product - no serial number.

Just "Next" pass the serial number request the first time it comes up and follow the rest of the resource install steps...especially including sync'ing your licenses (I assume you've already got Logos4 running properly).

It has been noted for being user-friendly,[6] having the largest number of resources for software of its type,[7][8] and offering unique tools and datasets not found in other products.[9] It has also received some criticism for its high cost[10] and lack of speed when compared with other Bible software packages.[8]


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