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Buy 24k Gold Rolling Papers

Whether you are a dispensary, caregiver, head shop, wholesaler or just want a rolling paper booklet as a business card you have come to the right place! What sets us apart from the competition is that we are a manufacturer and you are buying factory direct! We have the lowest prices and the highest quality compared to any vendor out there.

buy 24k gold rolling papers

No one else in the manufacturing space can do this at these volumes. Yes thats right, we pride ourselves being the only custom rolling paper manufacturer in the world who can offer custom printed booklet, with 2 sheets of 24K gold rolling paper, fully printed dipslay box - at 10 display box minimum!

Q: What are the minimums?A: The standard MOQ is 50 display boxes - 24 booklets per box. For a fully custom order, contact us on For a smaller MOQ check out our custom printed rolling paper in rush order!

Make your next smoking occasion one to remember with this 24-karat gold rolling paper from Shine. Combining premium hemp paper with pure edible gold, this paper will make you the centre of attention at any party. (1) rolling paper per package.

The Shine 24K Gold King Size Paper is handcrafted rolling paper made with the finest edible gold. The King Size version of the Shine 24k gold rolling papers we stock. Made with a Gold & Hemp Blend Paper for the smoothest burn. Our King Size 24k Gold rolling papers are sure to impress.

These White Gold Regular Rolling papers are the newest arrival from Shine, the kings in Real Gold Rolling Papers. These regular sized rolling papers will certainly get you noticed and you won't just be at the party, you will be the party!

White gold rolling papers have been handcrafted from pure edible silver and gold, each white gold paper burns evenly due to the hemp base, providing a clean pure smoking experience. Each branded pack contains two papers and comes with a card of authenticity. We also offer multiple deals so the more you buy the cheaper the white gold papers become. Makes a great gift or just treat yourself.

Gold has a positive effect on body energy, its harmony, causes inner peace and supports sexual activity. The healing effects of gold have been recognised thousands of years ago by ancient Chinese, Indians or Egyptians.

Rolling papers are diverse, with dozens, if not hundreds, of types. These small, thin rectangles of paper used for rolling joints can be plain and white, unbleached and natural, or colorful, infused with flavored additives, and playful for the senses. Some are big, some small, and some are sold in long rolls for custom projects.

Once upon a time, rolling papers were primarily made out of paper from trees, rice, and flax pulp. Increasingly, manufacturers are exploring new materials like bamboo, hemp, and more exotic choices like gold leaf, rose petals, and goji berries.

Flavored rolling papers have been around for upwards of a century, but never before have so many options been in competition. Whether you want lip-licking candied notes, subtle natural enhancements, or loud terpene infusions, your local smoke shop has something for everyone.

Loose leaves are the standard, but cones and wraps are popular too. Unlike the loose leaves sold in booklets, cones are pre-shaped: empty, conical joints, into which weed is packed. Wraps are larger and thicker, designed to supplant cigar wrappers for rolling blunts. Other options combine all of these to create something new.

Made of unbleached natural flax plant fibers and 100% raw natural Arabic gum, Orange Zig-Zags are white leaves. White papers are usually whitened by chemical means, and therefore white rolling papers may be less eco-friendly than unaltered alternatives.

Like RAW, Elements was founded by and for cannabis consumers. Their product line incorporates numerous size options and packaging accents inspired by the needs of weed lovers, including rolling trays and joint tips built right into the booklet with their Artesano series products.

Trip Cotton Mallow Clear Rolling Papers are translucent leaves made of cotton mallow, appearing a bit like plastic or cellophane. But while smoking plastic would be deeply inadvisable, Trip Clears burn smooth, imparting little to no flavor. As such, some folks might argue that these pulp-free alternatives are superior to traditional papers.

If rolling a joint or packing a cone sounds a little too foreign or intimidating, rolling machines and electronic cone-filling gadgets might be exactly what you need. These devices intend to eliminate much of the learning curve of rolling, streamlining delicate handiwork to make joint craft accessible to those with limited experience, time, or ability.

Papers for hand-rolling joints.DetailsQuick, easy and opulent. Ready to go when you are, these 24K papers Tokyo Smoke cones burn slow and fancy.-ultra-thin-hemp-blend paper base-fine quality edible goldBest practiceRoll: Roll your filter, scoop your ground up flower into the centre of the paper lengthwise. Insert your filter and roll the flower into a cylindrical shape with your thumbs and forefingers. Tuck, lick the adhesive, and seal.

The Shine 24K Gold Rolling Paper is a hemp blend paper covered in 24k edible gold. that is ultra thin and slow burning. Provides the best taste from your herbs. Each pack contains 3 rolling paper.

Beautiful day to roll up some @shinepapers #budshots #bud_shots #budshotsphotography #shine #shinepapers #gold #joint #flower #cali #calinug #cannabis #cannabisculture #cannabiscommunity #rollup #rollone #24k #24kinyourashtray #smokegold #white #420 #stayhigh #wfayo #tulips by bud_shots

Shine Papers is the inventor of the world's first ever 24 karat gold rolling paper. Shine Papers also burn extremely slow while also leaving behind a "gift" in the ashtray. The gold stays on your ashes which is referred to as "the gems".

The 24K Gold Rolling Paper is a hemp blend paper covered in 24k edible gold that is ultra thin and slow burning. Provides the best taste from your herbs. Each pack contains 1 rolling paper.

Shine Papers have created the perfect mix of Gold on the outer part and perfectly consistent high quality paper on the inside, which enables your joints to burn better and stay lit longer, and leave some really cool gold ashes in the ashtray!

These papers truly have the ability to turn every head in the room and are designed to give the best smoking experience possible, a smooth, slow, and consistent burn. Stoners have finally found the perfect gift idea for those special occasions, and not only does it dissipate a luxury and deluxe feel, but Shine Rolling Papers truly do offer superior quality when it comes down to its essential uses.

Shine Rolling Papers are sold in 20 countries, and the company maintains a very credible image online. While Shine Papers are positioned as a more expensive option than regular rolling papers, its prices are not so far-fetched that no one can buy them, which also gives them the affordability factor in the equation.

Research done shows that inhaling the gold, which is edible grade gold, nanoparticles from the Shine Rolling Papers in a chronic amount for a limited period of time have insignificant side effects, making Shine disassociated with any health risk from smoking edible gold.

For those looking for joints with taste (literally), look no further than Juicy Jay papers, which come in 32 different flavors. The rolling papers are made out of natural materials like hemp, sugar gum and soy ink for printing. The papers are triple-dipped and go through three flavoring processes in order to keep their strong flavor over time.

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