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1920x1200 PlayStation">

The G&D DVI-CON - User Interface Module connects to your User Station via DVI single Link (1920x1200) , PS/2, USB & audio cables, it then extends the User Station to the G&D KVM switch via either Multi-Mode or Single Mode Fiber Optic cables.

1920x1200 PlayStation">

Download Zip:

That also being the time I started having pity for consoles. The GPU's they had in them where heartbreaking. But then came the current gen consoles. And I am actually estatic. Now for the first time, console players are not missing out as much as they were. Before they were stuck with 720/1080p and textures ... oh lord. But now the doors are open/opening and console gamers for the first time are getting to see a glimpse of what a genuine decent GPU can do. What we PC Gamers have been experiencing for many many years now. Heck I was using a 1920x1200 monitor since I made my 2nd PC, and wanting 1440p for longer I can remember. And this was all before 4k was even available. So I have no animosity at all now, but I do know it is out there. The problem though is at this point in time ... is why ? Only because I would like to think alot of us PC Gamers that had animosity has evolved now, specially now that cross platform gaming is becoming. Thoughts? especially from all of you PC Gamers 50 years or older...

The Max Payne 3 problem was real, I experienced it myself and you can see lots of other people bitching about it in several threads on Steam's web forum and other places. The problem was caused by rockstar's social club not coping with the load of GTAV registrations - denying access to all of their games that required Social Club registration and use, whether single player or multiplayer. Their Social Club platform is DRM spyware.I'd bought MP3 several months earlier during a steam sale and had finally got around to playing it. at least, that was my intention but I found that I couldn't play the game for over a week because of the stupid rockstar social club - an anti-feature I didn't want, don't care about (i have absolutely *NO* interest in multiplayer games or anything related to them), but was unjustifiably denying me access to a game I had bought. As a test, I tried running LA Noire as well, a game I had played and completed quite a while ago - i wasn't able to play that either because of the social, *shrug* all you like but shrugs don't beat facts.BTW, i built a win7 machine out of spare parts after upgrading my main system a few years ago because i was tired of some games i'd bought not working properly under wine (many worked perfectly, many did not, and many did not work at all - third party DRM being a source of many problems) - the first time i've ever had a windows machine of any kind, never had any need for one, and i've been using computers at home since 1977 (i went from trs80 to pcdos to msdos, spent about a year on os/2, and then linux since 1993). The Windows box started as an experiment but it worked well so I bought a good 1920x1200@60Hz DVI+USB KVM and now do all of my gaming on it. I wouldn't use windows for anything else - especially not online purchases (i buy games from my linux machine, download them later on the win7 box) but it makes an OK game console. and, funnily enough, far more "open" that a playstation or xbox or wii or any other console. If SteamOS turns out to be any good - and can run all or most of my steam games - then I may switch to that in future. if not, win7 works well enough for this for android stuff, i have an android phone (htc desire hd running cm7) and an android tablet (nexus 7) - but because of google's increasing evil, i'm eagerly awaiting a viable alternative (maybe firefox os or ubuntu phone...dunno yet, i'll wait and see). i don't need much - phone functionality and something equivalent to open street maps on my phone, and a decent ebook reader on my tablet. (Log in to post comments) Another patent battle for Android Posted Nov 15, 2013 14:27 UTC (Fri) by RobSeace (subscriber, #4435) [Link]

It's been updated a bit, too, to do more PC things. You can change the resolution (although you'll need a beefy PC to get the most out of it if you want to go as high as our flat panel's 1920x1200 resolution), or play in a desktop window. Control-wise, it supports keyboard, keyboard and mouse, and single or dual-stick joypads, including the "Xbox 360 Controller for Windows". 041b061a72


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