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Pocket City High Quality

Customize your avatar and explore the streets and buildings of your city. Find loot and random citizen encounters. Borrow vehicles and speed through your roads. Pocket City 2 allows you to engage with your world like never before!

Pocket City

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Sorry but at this stage we are unable to accept return items or offer refunds on goods purchased, for change of mind. We will happily exchange items. To arrange a return for any faulty items please email us at

Pocket City is an entertaining city-building game. Where you are allowed to become a real mayor to create a city of your own. Not only diverse in gameplay, but the game also gives you incredible image quality. This is really an ideal place for you to express your rich creativity freely. Take advantage of all available features to create your own unique world.

Not only that, but players also have to face many challenging situations. To build a safe city, you must deal with a series of crimes and dangerous disasters that take place throughout the course of the game. In addition, to expand and develop the city further, you also have to create commercial zones, industrial zones, create jobs for people, and improve their quality of life. Many more elements are waiting for you to unlock.

At the beginning of the game, you will receive a huge patch of land with only plants. Starting to work on city construction, the first thing you should do is create the main road for people to travel easily. Then, choose a suitable location and equip new buildings. For example, if you want to build an industrial park, you must choose a large road and close to households. The same goes for other buildings such as schools, hospitals, etc.

In addition, to make this city more lively and meet the entertainment needs of the people, you should also build entertainment centers, parks or hire famous DJs. In this way, you can not only attract a large number of people to participate, but you can also make money from these activities. However, it is also necessary to be alert to disasters or dangerous crimes to bring safety to the people living in the city.

Every operation to build a city in Pocket City is decided by money. The more money you have, the easier it is to upgrade the city and unlock more new buildings. Each project is given a different price for you to consider before deciding to build. Therefore, you need to make smart decisions about building the site to ensure your financial resources.

Pocket City also expands many other interesting activities to help players have more diverse gameplay. Along with the city building process, you can also interact with many other characters living in this city. To do this, strike up a conversation with them or help them in difficult situations to build a better relationship. From there, both you and the other characters can completely earn more XP and cash.

Not only that, but the game also allows you to run all activities in your city as well as optimize the job market for each citizen. Plus, you can make even more money through pricing taxes, environmental fees, and more. A level of happiness accompanies every citizen. The higher the level, the more successful your role as mayor is.

Pocket City is a hugely successful city-building simulation game. It not only possesses simple gameplay, beautiful graphic design, but it also offers many clever special features with a sandbox mode that allows players to build structures for free and is ready to offer support when you face many challenges.

How many times have you heard somebody criticize the way streets or districts are organized in your city? How many times have you said to somebody with absolute certainty that you know how we could all have better infrastructure, a better city plan, and an all-around better environment to live in? Well, this is a chance for fulfilling some of that. However, once you face the problems of running a fully sized metropolis, you might start reconsidering all those bold statements you usually make about how you could certainly improve things if you were in a position of power.

The controls in this game are intuitive and touch-based, with a clean and comprehensive user interface. You control street and district directions and size with a swipe, placing roads and buildings as you see fit. Naturally, everything you build costs money, but the bigger your city is the more money you will make. You start only with a Town Hall and you go from there, as you dip into your starting capital.

Since it is a one-man job, the development of this game was highly conservative in the visual aspects. However, even though it features mostly basic modeling and unoriginal assets, PC is in no way visually unpleasant. Quite the contrary, it is, in fact, very alluring. This perhaps lies in the designing part of the gameplay, where the player designs the appearance of his city, or in the very intuitive and clear UI. Whatever the case, this game is visually pleasing, in its simplicity and comprehensive design.

Traffic is generated as Citizens drive from their Residential Zones to places of interest, like Industrial Zones or Commercial Zones. Successfully connecting these three basic City zones is crucial for healthy city infrastructure. With that said, citizens will not travel much between two Residential Zones, so plan this accordingly. In Pocket City, it is best to spread as much as you can in terms of space and land, not to cram everything uptight from the start. Also, make sure each tile of Commercial Zones and Industrial Zones has access to a road from at least one side. Railways can help reduce traffic congestion, but it will take up precious space.

Pocket City is perhaps the only mobile city buildinggame I know that provides an actual premium experience. For a one-time paymentof $2.99, you will get, in my opinion, the best city building experience onmobile, playable offline and with no microtransactions. You can also try itbefore buying by playing the limitedfree version on Android.

In addition, your city has an experience system allowing youto gain XP, level up and gain monetary rewards or unlock buildings. XP isgained by construction, organizing events such as block parties or fireworkshows, stopping crime or extinguishing fires, or completing quests which canrange from constructing a specific building to zooming in on people doingsomething publicly. Disasters are present in the game, and you can either havethem happen randomly, or invoke them yourself (yes, really!). You must also buyland from Larry the landlord if you want to expand the city.

Attach your pocket correctly with the MOLLE system - this will ensure an optimal aesthetic result and that the pocket is secure -> See the tutorial HEREDo not overload the front pocket. As you can probably see, this pocket is quite thin which is intended to prevent the front pocket from becoming too full and giving the pocket a "bulging" effect. Even if you stuff it, it will still hold thanks to the MOLLE system but it's not very pretty.

City nicknames are fairly common. New York has "The Big Apple." Las Vegas is "Sin City." Boston is sometimes referred to as "Bean Town." Our state capitol of Indianapolis has two, "The Circle City," because the original design of the town was modeled after the U.S. capitol, and "Nap Town," partly because the word, "nap" is right in the middle (IndiaNAPolis), and partly due to the fact the perception of the city was that it lacked any excitement. That perception has changed over time, thanks in part to the city's professional sports teams, the Colts and the Pacers.

I thought maybe we got the name because the state of Indiana kind of looks like a pocket on a pair of pants which would put us down at the base of it. That kind of makes sense, right? Right?!?! I mean, look at it in the context of the picture below and tell me that's not a ridiculous way to look at it.

It turns out, our location in the state is the reason we got the nickname, but not because the state looks like a pants pocket (although now that you see it, you won't be able to unsee it. Sorry, not sorry).

According to author Jacob Platt Dunn who wrote a piece called "Indiana Geographical Nomenclature" that was included in Volume 8 of the Indiana Magazine of History back in 1912, the name comes from the fact that at that time, we were the "big city" (my words, not his) in this part of the state which was known as the pocket. So, I was kind of right, right? Annnnnyyyway...

Chances are you've heard our city called a lot of things, none of which are official and most of them I won't repeat here, because they're usually uttered by people who don't like living here for one silly reason or another. However, outside of "Pocket City," we're often referred to as one of the following three names.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. One border of the entire city is the Ohio River which has been our calling card and a major part of history since the city was founded in 1812 by Hugh McGary, Jr. who named it after Robert Evans. 041b061a72


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