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Victor Martin
Victor Martin

Dell Optiplex 760 Pci Serial Port Driver Free Download !FREE!

the serial port port works fine and it was tested during the installation of the card in the chipset driver. the problem is that windows 7 recognizes the serial port but it does not recognize the video card. the card is shown in the device manager as a video card but it does not work.

dell optiplex 760 pci serial port driver free download

thanks ray. i have just attempted this, but i have ended up with the same problem. i set it to ahci, but the computer appears to be picking up on the drive as a sata drive. it looks like the driver was installed, but i cannot find the.inf file that was created. i suspect the driver was installed during the installation of sp3.

i downloaded the driver to the c: drive from the opty website. it was a.exe file.i immediately ran the file.i got a message window that asked for a profile type.i selected "television" from a list of options.this revealed an information window about the install.i pressed ok and restarted the was installed successfully,but when i get to the setup-it says "welcome to the installation wizard".i press ok and reboot.i get the blue screen.

well i finally got my dell opty 1105 with ati r500 motherboard with a dvd drive to load windows 7, i did the usual and everything went well till i rebooted my computer, then it loaded into the bios but then i got the blue screen and blue screen of death. so i tried the manual removal of the driver from c drive when the windows installer was running and it got past the blue screen and then the installation proceeded flawlessly. i got the win 7 pro 64 bit. i then went ahead and downloaded the drivers from the dell website and was able to get it to run.


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