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The Legend of Ponnar Shankar: A Tamil Novel by M. Karunanidhi in Pdf Format

as she has studied the legend for so long, brenda says that she knows the version in which she wishes to go. at the heart of this version is the story of how the family of a farmer was mired in the belief that they were the chosen people. they had strong-willed children. as a result, they lost their land. it is an interesting tale. one thing that i like is that it teaches an important lesson. the lesson is that if you want to be successful you have to believe in yourself, and work hard. at some point, it was the hard work that won them their land.

Ponnar Shankar Story In Tamil Pdf

so when she came to india, she took an interest in learning more about the legend and lived in the region where the legend is set. she would spend whole nights and days searching for oral versions of the legend that she could learn and that would mean that she would have to trek through the forest to find the people who knew the story. she has done this and is now an authority on the legend.

ponnar shankar is a folkloric tradition that spans over 6 centuries in the tamil country. it is the story of a family of farmers that got into a war with a tribal people, the yavana. a yavana prince, belonging to a tribe that was an offshoot of the kannadiga, came to the tirunelveli region in 9th century ad to take over the land. the yavana prince later became the first muslim king of the south, malik nanjar. he was the founder of the hyderabad sultanate. the war came to an end when the farmers were victorious and the prince was put to death.

the legend of ponnar shankar has a supernatural element. it begins with the birth of a farmer's son called ponnar-shankar (ponnar, in the tamil language, means farmer) and his mother. the mother and the father lived in the same village. the father died when the boy was in his teens and the mother was left to fend for herself. one day, a relative came to her with a dream in which he told her to make a sacrifice to the village goddess before her son turned 18. the mother did as her relative advised.


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