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Ernest Yakovlev
Ernest Yakovlev

HD Online Player (softube Saturation Knob Aax Plugin C)

If you're using high-quality headphones, you probably already know what a superior level of audio quality brings. It's no doubt that a must-have audio-plugin will work on low quality hardware. The good news for you is that the HD Online Player plugin delivers sound quality that satisfies even the most demanding audiophile ear. No need to worry about settling for inferior audio from your music-software if you get it right the first time. The overall result is even and round quality that allows you to listen in your best conditions.

HD Online Player (softube saturation knob aax plugin c)

This setting is a little bit inspiring. It's also useful when you want to get a tube-like sound or huge saturation. It's a great starting point, but you'll need to adjust for your taste. At some point, you'll notice that the breathing of the plugin won't be as audible as you'd like.

In this case, you can either lower the saturation knob and add some space in the audio, or increase the saturation. You can try a little bit of each approach and see which one works better for you.

So, I was thinking that saturation is pretty generic but i was wrong. There are differences depending on the hardware implementation. For example, Valve has state of the art valve based hardware. Those valves are amazing. They can breathe life to all kinds of textures including your vocals. Saturation done in that way is very convincing and a great feature in any producers toolbox. The real clap on this is, that we got a lib (OSX Beta) that lets us use those awesome valves with out plugin. Imagine that. Only on Windows does it work. I have not tested the Windows, but from the bugs i have seen, the WP version seems to work with plugin but i dont have any specs on that yet. I can confirm that the plugin works great with this library. I hope to have some time to dig into the full blown Windows version sometime soon. Also with a nixOS preview released, its good to know that the plugin runs fine.


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