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AIR Music Tech OPx-4 [WiN]

FORCE 3.2 is the MOST POWERFUL STANDALONE music production system for studio production and live performance. Now, FORCE 3.2 delivers even more inspiring plugin FX, sounds, creative editing, arranging and vocal effects processingas well as award-winning mixing and mastering plugins from world-renowned AIR Music Tech.

AIR Music Tech OPx-4 [WiN]

FORCE 3.2 adds an integrated high-fidelity instrument Tuner to its arsenal of tools. Now you can tune your external MIDI CV synth, guitar, bass, fiddle, hurdy gurdy or any other musical instrument using the FORCE Tunercompletely standalone.

AIR Mellotron Instrument, a recreation of the tape-sample keyboard, is designed for fresh, creative music production with a wide array of parameters, settings, and controls to craft an expansive range of keyboard instrumentsounds.

The powerful standalone FORCE workflow is even more efficient with Disk Streaming functionality. Record and playback longer audio tracks, perform an entire DJ set, or create larger keygroup programs all whileenjoying faster project load times. Stream from external hard disks, USB flash, SD cards and more into your FORCE for quick project loading and efficient resource management. Disk Streaming eliminates lengthyproject load times keeping the music and your creativity flowing. Disk Streaming enables better system resource allocation and performance for expanded creativity.

Simplify your sample browsing and auditioning with on-board Splice integration in FORCE. Splice Sounds fuels the creativity of producers around the world with millions of high-quality, royalty-free samples, sounds,presets and loops, covering nearly every musical style. With Splice natively embedded in FORCE, experience immediate Wi-Fi access to your own Splice library directly from the touch screen user interface.

The FORCE Academy is your destination to learn everything FORCE, from start to finish. From Arranger Mode and making a LoFi beat, to using Pad FX, down to Ableton Project Import Mode and chopping samples, the FORCEAcademy will guide you through your music making journey on FORCE.

Cumberland, RI USA (June 23, 2022) Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music equipment for performers and producers, announced today the launch of the highly anticipated MPC Key 61 standalone semi-weighted production synthesizer keyboard, including 25 unique plugin instruments with the most modern sound design textures and tonality for all genres of music, making it a powerfully versatile tool for the music creative of today.

MPC has been a mainstay of contemporary production for decades, and has always defined chart- topping hip hop, pop and all variations of electronic music. The standalone MPC platform has built on that rich history with innovative mixing and instrument plugins, an intuitive user interface, and a wealth of technology that embraces the modern music producer.

At the heart of MPC Key 61 are the sounds, including 25 unique plugin instruments with the most modern sound design textures and tonality for all genres of music. From timeless acoustic to futuristic synth, the full sonic capability of MPC Key 61 runs the harmonic spectrum.

Fabric XL is the flagship power synthesizer offering the most dynamic and powerful synth-engines and sampled acoustic instruments for contemporary music production. Fabric XL's wide selection of presets are powered by a revolutionary multi-sample-based synthesis engine for cutting-edge performance and sound.

OPx4, a powerful 4-operator FM Synthesizer engine, provides the classic sound of FM at the musician's fingertips. Built around an elegant interface, the user can dive into a whole new world of sound design, effects and parameters to truly make it their own.

Browse a vast collection of high-quality music loops, drum samples, and VST plugins, created by top audio companies and sound labels from around the world. Instant delivery of all the products, allows you to download and start using them right away.

Akai Professional announced today the launch of the highly anticipated MPC Key 61 standalone semi-weighted production synthesizer keyboard, including 25 unique plugin instruments with the most modern sound design textures and tonality for all genres of music, making it a powerfully versatile tool for the music creative of today. (Photo: Business Wire)

Sibelius includes a high-quality sample library filled with a variety of musical instrumentation, so you can hear what your music will sound like when performed by real musicians. You can also plug in third-party sound libraries, such as NotePerformer, giving you more flexibility with the instrumentation you hear.

Sibelius can create individual instrument parts when you create your score and will automatically update them accordingly whenever you make changes to the score. For copyists, this eliminates the need to extract parts or make destructive changes when prepping sheet music for different parts. Plus, parts can be changed without affecting the full score.

Sibelius Ultimate is ideal for teaching music notation, composition, and theory to students of all ages. It offers ready-made teaching materials, Classroom Control to track student progress, plus optional network licensing, making it easy to assign licenses to students on any computer.

The truth is that with the wealth of onboard content, and the sampling, you could create any type of music with this. Could you do a whole album with the MPC Key 61? Definitely. Could you do a whole live show? Yes. The Akai MPC Key 61 is a do-everything box

Add a professional edge to your studio with the M-Track Eight from M-Audio. This eight-input USB 2.0 audio interface enables you to track large music ensembles, record the band, or mic an entire drum set with pro-grade audio components and a myriad of connections. Eight combo XLR+1/4" inputs accommodate nearly any source, from phantom-powered microphones to your favorite guitar, and eight dedicated outputs offer versatile playback options. The XLR inputs are designed to work with microphones and other Lo-Z sources, and the phantom power switch enables you to use condenser microphones by delivering 48v phantom power to the XLR inputs (Channels 1-4; 5-8). M-Track Eight also has two conveniently located inputs on the front panel that can be switched to allow instrument-level signals, so you can plug your electric guitar or bass directly into M-Track Eight and start recording. Individual gain knobs with meters help ensure the proper input level by providing real-time visual feedback.

Chop up and mix 2 gigs of samples ranging from deep ambient synth pad loops to vintage drum one shots. These are all designed to inspire your music production and provide professional sounding samples that will shine in your mix. Touch Loops perfectly captures the tone and intensity of each sample, so they enhance and complement any song, wherever you use them. This incredible value can be found in your M-Audio account, ready to be downloaded and chopped to your liking!

Logitech has a much wider range of choices for keyboards, as they have options for gaming and productivity. Unlike Corsair, Logitech often uses their proprietary switches, like their Romer-G switches and their low-profile GL switches. Logitech keyboards are also somewhat more affordable, but there are exceptions, like the Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED, which is quite expensive. However, Logitech keyboards don't feel as well-built since there's more use of plastic and cheaper-feeling keycaps.

Corsair is one of the biggest manufacturers of gaming peripherals, with a reputation built on reliability and good quality control. For keyboards, they focus almost entirely on gaming, making their portfolio much smaller than a company like Logitech, which makes keyboards for productivity and various devices. Corsair keyboards stand out for their good overall build quality and their many extra hardware and software features. 041b061a72


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