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Mathrubhumi Malayalam Calendar 1993 With Stars UPDATED

Although the start of a new year in the Kollavarsham system () is on the first day of the month of Chingam (mid-August), the beginning of the astronomical year (solar calendar) takes precedence. This falls on the day of vernal equinox in the month of Medam (mid-April) and is celebrated as Vishu. Vishu coincides with new year festivities elsewhere in India, such as Bihu (Assam) and Baisakhi (Punjab).

mathrubhumi malayalam calendar 1993 with stars

December 2023 is the year of the Goddess Gauri. Gauri, the first born daughter of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Home minister on mid month of December, The day of Vishesha is the most important day for the entire month. If you are born on this day, your name will be Gauri Shree. All the deities, the Gods and Goddess will invoke Gauri for their own benefit and will celebrate her day with their devotees. Gauri's birthday is also a day of thanksgiving in the Malayalam calendar. The day will be celebrated on December the 20th. Happy Gauri Shree Day. (P.S - Happy Gauri Day ,) Get your copy today!

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Many events in Kerala are related to the dates in the Malayalam calendar. The agricultural activities of Kerala are centred around the seasons. The Southwest monsoon which starts around June 1 is known as Edavappathi, meaning mid-Edavam. The North east monsoon which starts during mid October is called thulavarsham (rain in the month of thulam). The two harvests of paddy are called Kannikkoythu and Makarakkoythu (harvests in the months kanni and makaram) respectively.


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