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Virastyar 4.0 – A Free and Open-Source Spell Checker for Persian

Virastyar 4.0 â A Free and Open-Source Spell Checker for Persian

Virastyar is a free and open-source (FOSS) spell checker for Persian. It stands upon the shoulders of many free/libre/open-source (FLOSS) libraries developed for processing low-resource languages, especially Persian and RTL languages[^1^]. Virastyar 4.0 is the latest version of this software, which offers a set of advanced editing utilities, including grammatical error correction, writing style improvement, punctuation correction, standardization (ISIRI 6219), Pinglish conversion, easy date and calendar conversion, and more[^2^].

Virastyar 4.0 –

Virastyar 4.0 is compatible with Microsoft Office applications such as Word and PowerPoint, as well as other text editors such as Notepad++. It can also be used as a standalone application for editing Persian texts. Virastyar 4.0 is based on the research and publications of several contributors from different universities and institutes[^1^]. It aims to provide a reliable and user-friendly tool for Persian text processing and improvement.

Virastyar 4.0 can be downloaded from[^1^] or[^2^]. It is licensed under GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3), which means that anyone can use, modify, and distribute it freely. Virastyar 4.0 is a valuable resource for anyone who writes or edits Persian texts, whether for academic, professional, or personal purposes.

Some of the features of Virastyar 4.0 are:

  • Spell Checking: Virastyar 4.0 can detect and correct various types of spelling errors, such as incorrect words, wrong spacing, repeated words, homophonic errors, etc. It can also suggest a list of correct words for each error. It allows the user to add new words to the dictionary, ignore an error once or throughout the text, and apply a correction to all instances of an error.

  • Grammatical Error Correction: Virastyar 4.0 can identify and fix some common grammatical errors in Persian texts, such as verb agreement, noun agreement, pronoun reference, etc. It can also provide explanations for each error and its correction.

  • Writing Style Improvement: Virastyar 4.0 can help the user improve the style and readability of their texts by applying some rules and suggestions, such as avoiding passive voice, using appropriate connectors, removing redundant words, etc.

  • Punctuation Correction: Virastyar 4.0 can check and correct the punctuation marks in Persian texts, such as commas, periods, quotation marks, parentheses, etc. It can also detect and fix some errors related to punctuation usage, such as missing or extra punctuation marks.

  • Standardization (ISIRI 6219): Virastyar 4.0 can standardize the characters and numbers in Persian texts according to the ISIRI 6219 standard. It can convert different types of 'k' and 'y' letters to their standard forms, replace Arabic numbers with Persian numbers, correct the half-space character usage, etc.

  • Pinglish Conversion: Virastyar 4.0 can convert Pinglish (Persian words written with English letters) to their Persian equivalents. It can handle different cases of Pinglish writing, such as repeated letters, capital letters, numbers and special characters, English words, etc.

  • Easy Date and Calendar Conversion: Virastyar 4.0 can convert dates between different calendars (Gregorian, Persian, Islamic) and formats (numeric, textual). It can also calculate the difference between two dates or add or subtract a number of days from a date.

Virastyar 4.0 is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for Persian text processing and improvement. It can help the user write better and more accurate texts in Persian with less effort and time. e0e6b7cb5c


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