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Rooted in the ministry of Jesus Christ, JESUS aCROSS the Border acts as a unifying platform for Catholic young adult groups by providing both events and resources that allow these groups to network amongst each other and utilize a wide reaching platform to promote their individual missions. Our organization also acts as a resource for individuals by providing opportunities for them to discover various Catholic young adult organizations and events and build faith based friendships.


Our lives are essentially planned from birth through graduate school. Then the plateau begins. The early twenties through the early thirties can be the most challenging time in a person’s life. Once the "required" educational structure of our culture has been completed and young adults have been fully prepared for the working world, the social and spiritual realm is left grossly under developed. Our Catholic faith follows the same pattern; Baptism, First Communion, Reconciliation, Confirmation and then the “great gap”. Many quietly attempt to seek out groups with similar values and faith, yet are unsuccessful because finding such groups has proven to be extremely difficult. This challenging period of life essentially determines what path an individual will take; the types of friendships that will be made, the kind of relationships that will be had, and essentially, the kind of spiritual being a person will become. Without support, these individuals are often easily drawn into societal norms leading them away from Truth and sincere joy that can only be found through a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Through conversations with various groups and individuals, it quickly became evident that there are indeed groups out there, however, there is a great lack of access and ease of information available in order to find them. These groups can deem to be life changing and are immensely important to the “next generation” of Catholic adults. Attend any Mass at any church and where is the glaring gap in attendance?  Active, Catholic parishioners are largely made up of school aged youth attending church with their families or middle aged to elderly adults. The “20 and 30 somethings” are quite scarce. Our ultimate goal is to create a unifying media platform that provides information about all the various young adult organizations throughout each diocese. This includes providing meeting times, event times, websites, social media, and contact information. It is also our hope that this will act as a networking resource for unifying events that could potentially draw hundreds of individuals together for worship, praise, and spiritual development. In essence, our platform will allow individuals to find programs that best fit their schedules and personal needs and help bridge the gap from school age youth to middle aged adults.


The name JESUS aCROSS the Border was chosen in order to promote the unifying of various communities, states, and regions of the country. Originally launched in the northeast section of the United States, where there are hundreds of towns and cities that all live the same lifestyle and are uniquely united as “New Englanders”, this organization has brought Jesus "across the border" to help unify and build up our young adult Catholic movement!

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