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Of Inetinfo Exe Aspnet Isapi Dll And Aspnet Wp

Security has always been a top issue for all kinds of applications, especially Web applications. Web apps are accessible to almost the entire universe and are open to attack.Web Services is a current hot topic because of its interoperability, ease of consumption, use of standard Web protocols, seamless integration with heterogeneous systems, etc. Therefore more platforms are now incorporating Web Services into their architecture. And with that greater amount of use, the need for security also increases.Since Web Services are part of ASP.NET, and these are hosted by ASP.NET runtime, anything relevant to ASP.NET will also be true for Web Services.This article will discuss:Security conceptsASP.NET securityHow to control security by running the ASP.NET application worker process (aspnet_wp.exe) using an account with weaker privileges than the Local System account

of inetinfo exe aspnet isapi dll and aspnet wp

Let me answer this question. Yes, aspnet_isapi.dll runs under the SYSTEM account, but it does not do much in terms of processing Web requests, rather it forwards the requests to the ASP.NET application worker process, aspnet_wp.exe. This worker process performs the actual request processing and returns the results back to the aspnet_isapi.dll that returns it to the IIS.ASP.NET Worker ProcessAspnet_isapi.dll forwards requests to the ASP.NET worker process. If you have .NET Framework Beta 2 installed on your machine, then the worker process will be running under the SYSTEM account, but since the Release to Manufacturer version (RTM) of .NET, worker process runs under a less-privileged account called ASPNET.Find the machine.config file on your hard drive and search for a tag called . In beta versions of .NET, it would look as follows:

57. The actual work process of ASP.NET is taken care by _____________?A. inetinfo.exeB. aspnet_isapi.dllC. aspnet_wp.exeD. None of the AboveAnswer: aspnet_wp.exe 350c69d7ab


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