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Founder/President: Billy Beauchesne

Vice President: Melissa LaNeve

Director of Finances: Joseph Stewart

Director of Formation: Sammi Bowden

Director of Hospitality: Ben Carozza

Director of Marketing & Communications: Melissa LaNeve

Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications: Bela Peixoto

Director of Outreach: Laila Dantas

Outreach Team: Lisa Alexander

Director of Events: Jimmy Coppinger

Assistant Director of Events: Brittany McNally

Event Manager: Ben Cohn

Holy Mass Coordinator: Andrew Genovese

Assistant Holy Mass Coordinator: Sarah Levesque

Social Event Coordinator: Kaitlyn Regnier

Assistant Social Event Coordinator: Sarah Casey

Service Event Coordinator: Andrea Batten

Assistant Service Event Coordinator: Francis Stanton

Flash Event Coordinator: Desiree Parent

FOCCUS Facilitator (Administrator): Sarah Levesque

FOCCUS Facilitator (Trained Clergy): Fr. Dan Crahen

Multicultural Liaison (Melkite/Marionite Community): Christine Hayek

Member-at-Large: Abby Young

Event Emcee (Male): Brian Helmstetter

Event Emcee (Female): Bela Peixoto

Leadership Consultant: Phil Spadano

Editor: Abby Young

Outreach Liasion/Home School Community (MA): Sheila Flanagan

Outreach Liasion/St. John's Seminary: Dan Simard

Outreach Coordinato/College Campus Ministry: Claire Aalerud

(Supervised by National Advisory Board)


Jimmy Coppinger, Director of Events (Chairman)

Billy Beauchesne, Founder/President

Melissa LaNeve, Vice President

Joseph Stewart, Director of Finances

Bela Peixoto, Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications

Kaitlyn Regnier, Social Event Coordinator

Ben Carozza, Director of Hospitality

Andrea Batten, Service Event Coordinator


(Supervised by Board of Directors)

Joseph Stewart, Director of Finances (Chairman)

Billy Beauchesne, Founder/President

Melissa LaNeve, Vice President

Phil Spadano, Leadership Consultant

Dan Simard, Outreach Coordinator/St. John's Seminary

Claire Aalerud, Outreach Coordinator/College Campus Ministry


(Supervised by God)


Robbie Hillson, Lawyer, Campbell Conroy & O'Neil, P.C. (Chairman)

Fr. Volney DeRosia, Assistant Vocations Director, Diocese of Manchester

Billy Beauchesne, Founder/President, JESUS aCROSS the Border

Melissa LaNeve, Vice President, JESUS aCROSS the Border

Heather Flynn, Co-Founder, LIFT Ministries

Susan Burkas, General Manager, 1060 AM

Joseph Stewart, Director of Finances, JESUS aCROSS the Border

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