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Buy Mk Bags Online

MICHAEL Michael Kors purses are designer handbags with everyday appeal. This American brand has taken a vision of sophisticated style and ready-to-wear sensibility and infused it with glamour. Now a global lifestyle brand, Michael Kors products add luxury to your life.

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MICHAEL Michael Kors handbags come in many styles and sizes. A satchel or doctors bag style is very professional. Providing a lot of storage, this is a perfect choice for the office. Select a designer tote for a versatile and elegant carryall that can double as a briefcase. For a day on the go, a crossbody bag is ideal for keeping you organized while looking your best. An MK purse or shoulder bag can be dressed up or down for a day at work or night on the town. For a formal event, a clutch is a functional and fabulous accessory. Discover a MICHAEL Michael Kors purse to enhance any occasion.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail devoted to every MICHAEL Michael Kors purse make it a lasting investment. The timeless style and touch of glam ensure it will be a cherished part of your wardrobe for years to come. For Michael Kors handbags, shop at Belk.

KORSVIP is a customer rewards program that gives members a host of benefits, including free standard shipping and returns, annual member gifts, birthday rewards, free gift wrap, exclusive in-store events, early access, unique loyalty gifts, and private styling and appointments, and access to the KORSVIP app. Members are able to earn points by creating wish lists and purchasing and reviewing products. KORSVIP membership is free to join, and you can enroll at any full-price store or online by providing your full name and email address.

From the Michael Kors website, you can purchase e-gift cards and physical gift cards, add gift wrapping to your order (free for VIP members), send someone an e-gift through the GiftNow service, start a wish list, and choose free in-store pickup on purchases made online. Michael Kors also offers complimentary monogramming in classic letters, complimentary engraving on watches and jewelry, and repair services and product care for watches and handbags.

The offer and sale of products on the web site are governed by these General Conditions of Sale. For any other legal information, see the sections:General Conditions of Use,Privacy PolicyandWithdrawal. The Customer is obligated to read these general conditions of sale carefully before placing an order. Sending the purchase order implies that you are fully aware of, and expressly accept, the above-mentioned general conditions of sale and the terms on the Order Form. Once the online purchase is concluded, the Customer is required to print and keep these general conditions of sale and the relative order for, which he has already reviewed and accepted.

2.5 The Customer is forbidden to enter false, invented or imaginary names during the online order procedure and additional communications. The Vendor reserves the right to prosecute any violation or abuse, in the interests and protection of all consumers.

2.6 Moreover, by accepting these Conditions of Sale, you release the Vendor from any liability deriving from the issuing of incorrect tax documents due to errors in the data you provided at the time of the entry of the online order, since, as the customer, you are the only one responsible for their correct entry.

4.6 Each sale made by the Vendor through the online sales service can regard one or more Products. Nevertheless, all orders made on the site must be in keeping with ordinary consumption requirements. This applies to a number of products purchased in a single order, but also to many different orders for the same product, even if each single order contains an amount of products in keeping with ordinary consumption requirements.

4.7 Calzedonia reserves the right to refuse orders from a customer that it Formattato: Giustificato is suing relative to a previous order. or with who it has a dispute. This applies equally to all cases in which Calzedonia considers the client to be unsuitable, including by way of example, the case of previous violations of the contract conditions for online purchases from the site or for any other legitimate reasons, especially if the customer was involved in any kind of fraudulent activity.

8.8 For the return, you must only use the courier indicated by the Vendor on the Online Return Form: in this way, you will not have to pay the expenses you are responsible for to return the products purchased because the Vendor will pay them on your behalf. Then, except for the provisions of preceding point 8.7 and for returns due to product defects, the Vendor will deduct a lump-sum amount from the refund due you equal to the cost you were previously charged for shipping to your home, or the shipping expenses normally charged for the country of delivery. In addition, from the moment the products purchased are given to the shipper indicated by the Vendor in the online return form, the Vendor will release you from any liability if the products are lost or damaged during transport.

8.9 In the case where the option to deliver the products to one of the sales points that has an agreement with the Vendor was available at the time the online return form was filled out, you can return the Products directly to a sales point with an agreement with the Vendor. In that case, in addition to the price paid for the purchase, you will also be refunded the shipping expenses that you were previously charged for the delivery of the Products purchased. From the moment the products are delivered to the sales point, the Vendor releases you from any liability if they are lost or damaged during transport.

Calzedonia may collect and process users' personal data when they access and visit Calzedonia'ssites bybrowsing within the pages, without registration and without filling in or inserting data in onlineforms.Calzedonia also uses cookies in some areas of the website. Cookies enable our sites tomonitor, forexample, whether users have already visited the site, providing an understanding of which of thepages are mostvisited. For this part of personal data processing, we ask you to read the Cookie Policy which should beconsulted inconjunction with the information that Calzedonia provides in this statement.Additionally, on our sites you can also find social buttons/widgets, or "buttons" depicting theicons of socialnetworks (e.g., Facebook and Twitter) and interactive social walls (e.g. wall presenting photos fromInstagramusing a hashtag) which present content from social networks. These "buttons" allow users who arebrowsing theCalzedonia sites, to reach and interact directly with social networks through a "click" whichacquires datarelating to your visit. Except for these cases, where you spontaneously click to share your browsingdata withthe chosen social networks, Calzedonia does not share any navigation information or user dataacquired throughits sites with social networks.n any case, when a user browses the site, they accept the terms and conditions of use of the websiteowned byCalzedonia, in addition to the provisions of this Privacy Policy. Therefore, if you do not acceptthese termsfor browsing our sites, please do not access or use the content and services offered throughthem. 041b061a72


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