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The Owl House - Season 3Eps1

Elektra ShockDown Under Season 1House of Drag 2Biographical InformationDrag NameElektra ShockGenderMale[citation needed]PronounsShe/Her (In Drag)[4]EthnicityEnglish[1]Date of BirthOctober 1, 1993[2][3]Age29Birth PlaceEngland, UK[1]HometownInvercargill, Southland, New ZealandLocationAuckland, New ZealandSeason InformationHouse of DragSeasonSeason 2PlaceRunner-UpEliminatedEpisode 10Sent home bySpankie JackzonChallenge Wins4RuPaul's Drag Race Down UnderSeasonSeason 1Place5thEliminatedEpisode 7Sent home byKita MeanChallenge Wins1Elektra Shock is a New Zealand drag performer best known for competing on the second season of House of Drag where she placed second overall and first season of RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under, where she placed fifth place overall.

The Owl House - Season 3Eps1


Meanwhile, Skyler meets with a divorce attorney who advises her that maintaining residence in the house will strengthen her position in a child custody case. Skyler explains that Walt is moving out that day. Questioned about the family's finances, Skyler momentarily freezes. "You'd be amazed what I've seen partners hide from one another," the lawyer says.

Outside a dilapidated desert farmhouse, the two men approach a clothesline. A young girl and her parents watch as the men exchange their suits for common workclothes, keeping only their guns and their cowboy boots. They deposit the keys to their Mercedes on a goat's horn and walk away.

When Walt drives Junior home, his son asks why he doesn't come into the house. Inside, Junior angrily lashes out at Skyler, under the impression that she is persecuting Walt. Marie, who is present, reasons that Junior is anxious to learn why his parents have separated, which she wants to know herself. Skyler tells Marie that she needs to be supportive without prying.

what makes this so tragic is that they (creator and visual guy) had fought to film it in 16:9 from the beginning, but lost, because it's more expensive and HBO didn't give the first season an exhaustive budget. for the remaster project they asked simon, if he's ok with it, he said "yeah go ahead", expecting a preliminary test to be send to him, so that he can get included in the project after that. he found out about the finished project from advertisments.

x.264 Preferred:Anyone have Avatar: the Last Airbender Season 2 and 3 in 1080p from Amazon? So far there's only been a post on x265 for the entire series and x264 for only season one. I would like x264 for the remaining seasons for TV compatibility. Thank you! 041b061a72


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