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The Complete Guide to Michel Polnareff's Discography

noted norwegian guitarist and composer arve syse took the concept of grob style soloing and applied it to the electric guitar, particularly as a solo instrument, and, as you'd expect from a part-time jazz player, he makes much more of a song than a single note. he formed a duo with his wife, vocalist lia syse, in the late '80s and made some great album that were way ahead of their time in the synth-pop / electronica world. novelty theatre and it takes one to tell it are early albums and that's what's on my first two cds, although there are a few missed odds and ends on the third cd. the shows were pretty good, especially the later ones, but there were some interesting choices too (the one on cd 3 for example was billed as a 'rock opera', a genre i'm not sure many of its fans would go in for, but others may appreciate.)

Discographie complete de Michel Polnareff - 12 albums -


named after the place in which the band was formed, we're back with yet another norwegian outfit, although it's a variation on the theme, with natteskjuten as a band name and ingeborg arvedsen as a name for her solo project. which was a solo project? either way, they have ten tracks from their 1992 debut album, sigma, issued on noiison, plus some other early songs and a live album recorded in '86, and there's a section of the site devoted to these albums. there's no space for the others, but if you search for the band name there's a cd search button, so maybe it can be found. some of their songs have been used in a recent sony bmg compilation, teenage dream, which may come in handy.

i hadnt heard of peter breiner before i found this band, but it took a while to realise that the music is that of a cover band. and it isnt a bad cover band, they had a good time, their singer has a (natural?) good voice, and they actually sound better than most cover bands. that being said, their music is quite basic, which i guess doesnt really matter too much as it doesnt sound that much different from the allman brothers band or the grateful dead, in particular the allmans. except that they havent got any blues.


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